Ski – EN

Ecole Suisse de Ski de Gryon - Ess Gryon

Condition Swiss snow sport

  • The story of Snowli
  • Getting to know the skis and the snow
  • Walking, climbing uphill (turning around)
  • Skiing in the fall line with skis parallel and braking
  • First changes of direction from the fall line

Condition Swiss snow sport

  • Equipment
  • Climbing uphill by side stepping and herringbone (scissor) stepping
  • Gliding and braking with the snow plough
  • Skiing with skis parallel with steps and tricks
  • Turning snow plough turns (wedge turns)

Condition Swiss snow sport

  • Safe use of lifts
  • Traversing and tricks
  • Side-slipping
  • Skiing with skis parallel over easy bumps and jumps
  • Snow plough turns (wedge christie) on an easy blue slope

Condition Swiss snow sport

  • Behaviour on the slopes (FIS rules)
  • Turning in a miniature slalom jungle and in a set course
  • Skiing over bumps and dips
  • Skiing backwards (switch) with skis in a V shape with change of direction
  • Snow plough turns (wedge christie) on a versatile blue run

Condition Swiss snow sport

  • Warming up
  • Braking with skis parallel
  • Turning steps on an easy slope
  • Waltzing
  • Skidded parallel turns

Condition Swiss snow sport

  • Behaviour in the snowpark
  • Short turns on an easy slope
  • Skating step on the flat terrain
  • Basic Air (small kicker)
  • Parallel turns with various radii

Condition Swiss snow sport

  • Nature, forest and the environment
  • Parallel turns through a corridor of slalom gates and in a set course
  • Skidded parallel turns backwards (switch)
  • Single ski turns on an easy slope
  • Short turns on an intermediate slope

Condition Swiss snow sport

  • Preparation of equipment
  • Short turns with pole planting on an difficult slope
  • Jumps: Straights and fifty/fifty over box
  • Parallel turns off-piste
  • Carved parallel turns on a wide, easy slope

Information about competitions

Race parallel turns

Race short turns

Turn Variations

– Carved turn variations (at least one)
– Short turn variations (at least one)

Racing technique in a set course

Tuck jump


Training / Race (at least one):
– Giant Slalom
– Slalom

Behaviour in the snowpark

Parallel turn “Switch”

Air Trick Spins (180° or 360°)

Slope tricks 180° and Swedish 180°

Rotation on box or rail

Freestyle (at least 1 discipline):
– Pipe Basic Run 
– Quarterpipe 
– Skicross

Information about safety, avalanches and weather forecast

– Using an avalanche transceiver
– Reading an avalanche report
– Choosing lines and stopping places

Powder kickers / Jumps over natural obstacles

Creative off-piste run

Parallel turns “off-piste” with variations of the radius

Short turns in the moguls